Please support work that creates a change.. / by Nelly Bonilla

The be an artist, one must produce work connecting people to the times they are in, and with each other. With the ease of social connectivity, words have a profound effect. Our interactive exhibit ‘Sticks and Stones Walk’ invites you to reminisce that children's rhyme while examining your actions. The piece will be premiering at Grand Rapids Public Museum during ArtPrize this September.

Viewers enter into the piece and can choose to stay in an enclosure or push through the foam tubes expanding their space while removing the other sides. Its a push and pull dance, the jockeying for space raises issues on the friction inherent in the social arena.  Sticks and Stones Walk was our first public installation that would of shown at Elevate ATL in 2015. To think citizens would walk into the structure and be wrapped in shadows of sticks and stones...perhaps change their outlook... the time then was not right. We invite you to participate in bringing this piece to fruition.